Lulluby leads off a new project

“Lullaby” was written with Butler’s own children in mind, even though they are grown and living their own lives. She was inspired by thinking back to the days of late night floor-pacing with fussy babies. She started singing to them to try and calm them down, and in those moments she couldn’t avoid “the things you think about in the middle night with a fretful baby in your arms...what will they be when they grow up? What kind of people will they be? But I learned to enjoy the moment, to sing to them so they know someone is there.”

“Raising children to be strong, independent, moral and kind adults is the most important legacy I have,” Butler says. “We can have so many jobs and goals in life - to be Grammy winners, Nobel laureates, anything...but we are the only parents our kids will ever have. That’s important.”

Raising children to be kind, moral, productive adults is the most important thing I'll ever do. This song's for my babies.

“Lullaby,” released July 22, 2016, will be the first single in a series of releases over the next year. “I want to stay more visible with projects coming out more regularly instead of the typical several year album cycle,” she explains. “Lullaby” marks the first release of an unbundled album project, a series of singles she is writing and recording one at a time.

  • Producers: Troy Warren and Elizabeth Butler
  • Words, music, lead vocals, acoustic guitar: Elizabeth Butler
  • Keyboards, percussion, drums: Troy Warren
  • Piano (ambient version): Laura Sullivan
  • Acoustic Bass: Andrew Gordon
  • Electric guitar: Frank DeBretti
  • Acoustic guitar: Jana Pochop
  • Cello: Max Dyer
  • Hammered dulcimer: Jordan Buetow
  • Harmony vocals: Torri Baker, Kira Small, Solveig Whittle
  • Vocal preproduction: Brad Chapman
  • Guitar preproduction: Gary Talley


Track Listing

  • 1. Lullaby

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I love the husky tones in Elizabeth's voice, she sings beautifully :-). This graceful song is exceptionally well-written and comes together with the lovely melody to form one delightful song :-) :-) :-)
     -Grammy-winning producer and composer Ricky Kej

Lullaby touches my soul. The first time I heard it I looped it over and over again. This song perfectly embodies the relationship between a parent and a child. Elizabeth Butler has tapped into a lush and sonically-rich flow of love. Lyrically, a classic lullaby, with a smooth, folk and country inspired delivery. The arrangement and instrumentation is unique, featuring such instruments as cello and hammered dulcimer. Ms. Butler's voice is full, throaty, and rich. It's a song of comfort, and hope, of good things to come. Lullaby feels like a happy, hopeful hug. Very highly recommended.
     -Gurajas Khalsa, "White Sun"